About Me

If you're a friend or family member you already know all about me but for the unintiated here's my little spiel...

My name is Jess (or Jessica if I'm in trouble), I'm 25 years old and married to my Danish University/College sweetheart (aka Hubby or Andreas). We've been married for over a year and celebrated our 1st year anniversary at Quay in Sydney (very spoilt). I'm now on the journey to becoming a new Mum with our 'Pecan Pie' due in November.

I've always been a lover of fine food (which explains Quay) but I also appreciate a nice home cooked meal and cheaper 'family' restaurants as well. This blog will be dedicated to recipes that I try along with restaurant and food reviews with a little bit of 'me' thrown into the mix as well.

My one hope is that this inspires others out there to cook and realise that it isn't that difficult to whip up something in your kitchen even if you've had a busy day at work!